December 22, 2009

It's the Loop Digga!

Went out last night to the Commonwealth Lounge in Downtown Fullerton with my main man Bear to watch Madlib, the beat konducta, display his craft. It was m first time at this venue. Pretty sweet little spot fully equipped with a secret VIP room complete with a book shelf hideaway door (like a mansion from the 70's where they hid all the drugs). Five dollar appetizers all night long too so you know we were grubbing.

Madlib didn't go on until 12:15 but Jeremy Sole kept the crowd interested during the wait. Jeremy's music style is pretty hard to describe but it blends latin flavor with soul and some damn catchy beats. This dude's record collection is full of super rare and obscure vinyl from all over the world.

Madlib took the stage, er, turntables accompanied by J Rocc on the microphone (yeah, surprising). Peanut Butter Wolf (who didn't actually perform) chilled stage side the entire night and some how ended up with the microphone in his hand as Madlib wrapped up his set. Pretty decent night.

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