December 22, 2009

RAWR: Cougars on the Prowl

Social networking sites are a necessity on the interwebs. Stay in touch with friends, get annoyed by "that" friend who updates his every move and has a FML moment twice a week, dodge old friends that constantly ask how you're doing even though you really didn't talk to them 10 years ago when you were forced to sit next to them in Geology, and finding an old hot implanted divorcee to pound one out with. Uhhh, yes it's official: puts you in direct contact with crazy old chicks that are raging for a young boner to lay.

Now, what if there was a reverse website where dirty old men could hook up with horny 18 year old chicks? Oh yeah, I forgot, this is called "disgusting" and "perverrted" huh? Figures.

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