December 23, 2009

Up Up and Away

Balloon boy's attention whoring parents had their sentences handed to them today. The eager reality show self promoters will both serve prison time. Dad gets 90 days and Mom will receive 20.

I'm sure you all remember these front running candidates for Worst Parents of the Year when they unfolded a lackluster attempt at generating press for themselves by saying their son, Falcon (I'm not shitting you, his name IS like the bird), had flown away in a homemade hot air balloon. National media covered the balloons flight across Colorado for most of the afternoon of October 15, 2009. Only to find out later that the son was forcefully hiding under a box in his garage the entire time.

All this was done in hopes of landing the family their own reality show on some lame TV channel that no one, except my mom, watches. Good thing the judge was smart enough to forbid the idiot couple from generating any money from their hoax for four full years.

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