September 21, 2009

Website of the Day

"People of Walmart" offers you something that is completely revolutionary in my mind. I know we AHL dread that absolutely necessary trip to Walmart to pick up some Hanes blank white tees or a new stick of deodorant but once we actually get there, the freak show begins and we can't help but enjoy in other people's misfortunes. No dicks, I'm not talking about the pointless employee that asks to see your receipt as you exit, as if they can even read to begin with. No fuckers, that rag tag team of receipt checkers have down syndrome, in case you didn't notice, so they really can't help their appearance. The freak show customers however, that's where the hilarity ensues.

The website of the day offer all the fun of the comedic patrons without you stepping out of your house! Did you not just hear me? You don't have to fight your way around the little mexican children sitting on the piss stained floor opening cardboard boxes of toys in the fake grocery aisles anymore! Revolutionary indeed my friend, revolutionary.

So visit People of Walmart today and enjoy the service they are providing for you.

FYI: Apparently the majority of the nation's "short shorts" are frequent Walmart shoppers, as the images below would depict.

1 comment:

  1. That last one... WTF? I didn't know Pinocchio shopped at Wal-Mart. He's all growns up!