September 21, 2009

I Wanna Be E-Famous

VH1 recently ran a program called 40 Greatest Internet Superstars. Surprise surprise, VH1 aired a panel show dedicated to "ranking" things, what do you know? As usual, however, VH1 failed. Although, they did correctly choose about 5 of the 40, the other 35 were extremely questionable. Cue in Jesse....

Naturally, I decided to compile my own list. And seeing as how my internet dwelling history spans far lengthier than 90% of the panel commentators VH1 appointed, I'd like to think my list is more accurate.

The following 20 links will take you to my version of warranted E-Famous celebrities who gained their status off of ONE simple video, not some shitty website that they updated regularly. These people didn't want to be famous, they were simply being themselves and everyone watching couldn't get enough. An "unintentional celebrity" if you will.

Surfer Guy on News
Grape Smashing Lady Falls
Bubb Rubb - The Whistles Go Whoo
Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama
Latarian Milton
I Like Turtles Kid
David at the Dentist
Gary Brolsma - Numa Numa Kid
Ghyslain Raza - Star Wars Kid
Fat Mexican Kid Falls - Ya Wey!
Model Falls and News Anchors Laugh
"How Can She Slap!?"
Little Girls Kicks Monster's Ass
Keyboard Cat
Cement Ball Kids
Been Had Polo!
Jack Rebney - RV Man
Mahir Cagri - "I Kiss You"
Jozin Z Bazin

And here's a bunch of intentional celebrity seekers making some damn good comedy.

Car Dance Party Moscow - FuddyTV
Paper Towels - MagicHugs
Bobby Batronic - Perfect Dating
Karate Fail
Gavin McInnes - Self Defense Baby
Blowjob Girl - Derrickcomedy
Samwell - "What What in the Butt"
Little Girl's Noises Compiled Into Music
Noah Takes a Picture of Himself Everyday For 6 Years
Super Greg - "Da Number 1"

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