September 15, 2009

King Curtis Loves Bacon

So not too long ago, Wife Swap (perhaps the single greatest example of how feeble and absent minded Americans are) ran an episode that introduced King Curtis to the world. This little shit ball had a horrible addiction which left him dependent upon popping chicken nuggets. At the time of production, King Curtis was up to 44 nuggets a day; which was 16 more than his previous high just months prior.

However, as much as the King enjoyed his nuggets, there was only two things he loved more than his cherished poultry particle deep fried goodness. Those two being his Grandmother, who took him in when he was completely out of nuggets, and BACOn. Yes, bacon. I gotta tell you something, bacon is good for King Curtis. And if it's good for King Curtis, it's good for me too.

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