September 4, 2011

Labor Day Weekend: FYF Fest, LA

We went to Altamont's FYF hippie fest yesterday, and while the music was awesome (Weakerthans, Broken Social Scene, The Descendants and Explosions in the Sky were my favorites), the audience/concert goers on the other hand were a HUGE distraction. Hideous outfit after hideous oufit; Above the belly button unflattering shorts on girls, dick cutting "skinny" jean shorts (when I say shorts I mean last winter's pants, turned this summer's shorts via a pair of elementary school scissors) on guys, etc. Plain and simple, this generation is trying way to hard to look unappealing to the opposite sex.

The event was held at Los Angeles Historic Park. However, this "park" was 90% dirt and straw and only 10% actual grass. And, I'm sure I could have counted all the trees on one hand. Not really sure what this "park" looks like on a normal day, but I can't imagine even a dog would enjoy this historic place.

All in all, the music was just good enough to make the day enjoyable. If it wasn't for the Beard Papa's the next morning, I'd have more to gripe about.

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