September 12, 2011

Food From Heaven

Being half mexican AND living in Southern California makes for a TON of Mexican food consumption. In a sense, I may not be The King of Yelp: Andy Cool but I am a sort of expert when it comes to Mexican dishes. So rest assured when I boldly state, "This is hands down the best mexican food dish I've ever tasted in my entire life."

After a drunken rampage of Cabo San Lucas' downtown bars and nightlife, Chris Ngo's bachelor party gang was famished. I busted our a little bit of the 'ol espanol and to our cab driver and voila we ended up at Taqueria "El Paisa". Our driver could not stop raving about how delicious this dish was going to be. So fast in fact, Du Tran admitted "I tried to pick up on what he was saying but he was talking so fast."

Imported cheese from Mexico's version of Wisconsin (Chihauhau), imported carne asada from the finest suppliers of beef in all of Mexico (Sonora), and habanero salsa so good, but spicy, that it made Johnny Vo cry.

I introduce to you, the REAL carne asada fries: Papas con Queso y Asada.

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