August 22, 2011

Hillcrest Sunday Lunch - The Range

We ventured to Hillcrest (Sarah's backyard: she works in the area and opts for casual sight seeing walks instead of the quite popular 'food' on her lunch breaks) for lunch on Sunday aiming to introduce me to a place she has been frequenting lately. But, after waiting a good 15 minutes for even an acknowledgment that we were in the building, let alone a greeting or a drink order, we decided to journey elsewhere. Literally a few steps down the street we ran into The Range.

The Range is the newest spot in Hillcrest, opened two weeks ago but was already crawling with patrons. They feature a great, simple selection of organic ingredient dishes. Burgers, sandwiches, salads AND breakfast all day long!

We split a Julian hard cider that was awesome; not too dry, perfect sourness and 6.99% alcohol! I got the hand breaded with potato chips chicken strips with a Belgian waffle and Sarah got a pear, roasted almonds and blue cheese salad. Both were absolutely perfect, but as always Sarah enjoyed mine better than hers, regardless of what she'll tell you.

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