July 11, 2011

San Francisco 4th of July Trip

Some of our blogging hiatus can be attributed to our SF trip for the 4th. The rest of our blogging hiatus is attributed to our working long days to pay for our SF trip for the 4th. All in all, it was entirely worth it. Stopped by my boy Colin's shop The Darkside Initiative and got a Carhartt UK jacket. Hit up Double Punch for our vinyl toy fix. And got to meet some of Sarah's cousins, who were fun as hell to hang out with. We even got a stripper to tip US $12 in ones, of which we used $11 to purchase late night drunken pizza slices. We bar hopped North Beach and ended up at Rogue Ales Public House, an all Rogue beer pub. A pint of Double Chocolate Stout was definitely had. And were major tourists as we watched the fireworks display at Fisherman's Wharf.

Yet, all I have to show for it (until Sarah uploads pictures from her camera) is this delicious clam chowder and shrimp poopboy sandwich we had on Pier 39.

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