May 14, 2011

Luche Libre Mask Wearing World Record

Bryan and I were present for Angel Stadium's record setting "Most People Wearing Snuggies in the Same Location" night last year, so only fitting we'd be back again this year for "Most People Wearing Luche Libre Masks in the Same Location" record.

Tui, Ken and Mark came along this year. Next year, whatever the record may be, I'm pretty certain our gang will grow ten fold.

Before the game we loaded up on bacon wrapped hot dogs being served up in the parking lot. I must say, these are head and shoulders above the diarrhea inducing bacon wrapped hot dogs you get outside LA based events served by old Hispanic ladies teetering on midget status.

Sorry for the bad picture, you're honestly lucky I was even able to get a picture before I ate the entire thing.

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