April 3, 2010

Blues Rise to the Top

Chelsea thwarted Manchester United's attempt to remain on top of the English Premier League this morning. The Blues marched onto Manchester's home ground, Old Trafford, and took what was rightfully theirs; first place. With only 5 matches left on the schedule, Chelsea sits 2 points ahead of United and 3 points ahead of Arsenal.

As is usually the case, Didier Drogba scored the winner in the 2-1 result. That goal gives Didier 486 goals for the season. No not really but it seems that many.

United played horribly today but instead of accepting their own faults they'll blame the referee and linesman for botching an offsides call on Drogba's goal. He was clearly, AT LEAST, 2 yards (6 feet for you Americans) offside. But, "you can't blame the refs" is usually the chorus sung to the Chelsea faithful when we get royally screwed on a yearly basis. Looks like things finally went out way.

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