March 17, 2010

Inmates to have Immigration Status Checked

Oh really? JUST NOW they're starting to do this? Wait, so back in 1994 when California introduced the "three strikes your out" law, they didn't think to start checking immigration status? Or wait, when California started going into bankruptcy and the geniuses decided to start making public school and state college budget cuts absolutely no one in the state's government thought it would be wise to check the immigration status of the inmates that our tax dollars pay to house and feed? Oh I get it, no one thought it would eliminate a huge handful of occupants by deporting them back to their home countries. Or, as usual, government officials wanted to avoid any touchy subject that would seem "racist" or "politically incorrect". Got it.

Thanks California, morons.

Link to the LA Times article.

1 comment:

  1. Or simply to avoid anymore work behind prosecuting someone. Furthermore, there's an email going around saying they'll be releasing hundreds of inmates due to budget cuts...I don't know the facts behind it, but that's pretty unsettling. I'm sure a number of those inmates are immigrants.

    Meh, there's always something to be upset about when it comes to politics.