February 2, 2010


We all own the most useful tool known to man called hammers. Sure you can use any blunt objects to pound your precious nails into your wood, but why would you? Hammers are just made to get the job done. With it you can make furniture, hang picture frames, strike your mom in the head....

Yeah that last one is pretty brutal, but apparently, here in San Diego it's the weapon of choice.

I saw this probably a couple of days ago; shown back to back. Normally I try not to pay attention to these local murders, but what caught my attention was their methods and to whom they used their methods. Both used what I previously praised as the most useful tool known to man and used it to end their precious mothers' lives.

Bryan Chenhua Chang: Solana Beach, 28 years old.

Heather D'Aoust: Scripps Ranch, 16 years old.

Pretty depressing stuff. I could never do that to my mumsy no matter how much she may anger me at times. Isn't this appropriate for Mother's Day? I'll make sure to remind you ahl when the day comes. In the meantime, tell your mothers you love 'em.

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