January 5, 2010

This is Why Orange County Sucks

Every corner you turn there's a group of asian kids. Years ago, you'd be afraid of these asian kids japping you for everything you've got. They used to steal cars, car stereos, your wallet and break into your home and tie your mommy up while they ransack your electronics. And on top of all that, they hated serving you at their video store.

Well folks, times have changed, and all those hardcore asian gangsters either ran off to Vietnam to escape prison time or they finally grew up and moved on with their lives. Cause one thing is for sure, they definitely aren't around anymore. Nope, not even close

The only thing you need to be afraid of when you see a group of asian kids nowadays is them accidentally bumping into you when they practice their dancing. It's true, seems like EVERY asian teen to early 20's kid is in a dance crew. They walk around malls, bowling alleys, parking lots, gas stations and schools practicing their choreographed moves. It's pretty sad actually.

Why is it sad? Cause they're grown adults that think they can dance. When in actuality, none of them can move as good as this little kid right here. Take notes douches, find a new hobby, cause Dance Dance Revolution and America's Best Dance Crew is played out homie.

Finders credit: funkem0nkie


  1. the gangsters all own restaurants now.