January 8, 2010

DIY Tilt-Shift Lens

So as much as I'd like to own one of these babies, it's far too expensive for me to even think about purchasing one in the near future. So for all you brokedonkeys like myself out there, here's a Do-It-Yourself Tilt-Shift effect you can do on your very own lens.

For those who aren't too familiar with what it does, it allows you to control where your camera focuses not limited to depth. Here's an example:

In otherwords, you can be very selective where you want your focus, giving it a dreamy, miniature effect.

So without further ado, make em yourself. But I'm warning you, you may not be up for what you have to do to your equipment to achieve it.

And here's a random video using tilt-shift lens (stop-motion photography)

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