January 18, 2010

Excessive? Definitely

In perhaps the worst economic decision ever, Japanese automotive company D.A.D., who specializes in designer car accessories, has gone and reminded the entire world that it sucks to be alive right now. D.A.D. went and placed 300,000 swarovski crystals on a brand new Mercedes Benz SL-600, covering the entire vehicle to look like a Mexican girl's Motorola flip phone bling

Apparently D.A.D. isn't aware that we're in an economic depression at the moment. Either that or Swarovski realized how ridiculously overpriced their stock was and had a fire sale, in which D.A.D. swooped up 300,000 crystals and had absolutely no idea what to do with them until the office drunk, Yuko, stood on his computer desk with what appeared to be soy sauce stains all over his shirt and tie and belligerently screamed "Let's put them on a car! Make it bling like American rap star!"

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