January 17, 2010


Unless you've been living in a closet with R Kelly and Patty Hearst for the past week then you're fully aware of the earthquake that kicked Haiti's ass. We're talking about a country that had it bad enough before the natural disaster hit and was already forced to eat dirt cookies (yes, cookies that were made out of dirt).

Horrible circumstances in places like Haiti, the Philippines and New Orleans to name a few, often bring out the philanthropist in all of us. However, being philanthropic has never been easier thanks to modern technology and the world wide obsession with text messaging. Simply texting the word HAITI to 90999 will send a $10 donation to the Red Cross and aid in the relief and recovery of the Haitian people. No more writing checks or giving money to grimy little hands, no more waiting on hold with Jerry Lewis to pledge .50 cents. Nope, now it's as easy as a text message.

Also, website cultureshoq has set up an ebay based auction for a one of a kind pair of Asics Gel Lyte III's (probably the only cool 'casual' shoe the Asics company has ever put out). 100% of the final value of the shoes will be donated to the Haiti relief fund.

You're not going to win the auction so don't worry, but feel free to juice up the bids if you want. Just don't be dumb and bid $5000, cause then you WILL win and Wyclef Jean himself will be at your door step demanding the money you joker.

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