December 4, 2009

What, No Candy? Hellllls No!

Not sure what the owner (or resident) of this house did, but they sure pissed someone off. Judging by the looks of it, the owners refused to pass out candy this last Halloween. I'm guessing they put an empty oversized bowl on a chair and place it directly in front of the door with a sign that read "Please take one so that all may enjoy". A few kids, most likely older boys, congregated on the front lawn after reading said sign and planned to return in the middle of the night with whatever rolls of toilet paper they could find in their parent's hall closet. Originally supposed to be just a few neighborhood boys and a bout of mischievous, Jimmy Snotnose proceeded to use the online social network to "tweet" the late night activities to his 400 closest friends. An additional 16 other adolescent boys showed up to assist in the "TP'ing" and the final outcome is the following.
-Detective Jesse Carrillo

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