December 16, 2009

New Date Determined When Whites Become Minority

Wait, there was an old date? Apparently someone, somewhere busted out science with a little bit of math and then sprinkled in some logic and a dash of geologicalification stuff awhile back and came up with the number 2042. I was never aware of this "original" determined date but have now been re-un-notified that the date has been pushed back eight years due to the current economic depression.

Apparently there's heightened restrictions on immigration nowadays that caused this eight year increase to be readjusted. Really? I haven't noticed that huge of a decline in immigrants lately. I'm calling bullshit. I'm going to go out on a limb and say the decrease is probably because their home country's economic status is just as bad as ours and why risk the move. Right? Not like we have an abundance of jobs for immigrants to come and swoop up anymore.

Anyways, back to the lecture at hand, perfection is perfected so I'm a'let 'em understand....Wait, sorry those are Snoop Dogg lyrics. Apparently, by the year 2050, there will be more minorities in the United States than "white" people. Which technically means there will be NO minorities in the United States since, for the first time ironically, everyone will be considered equal. 50% does not make a minority. 50% actually makes for NO minorities at all.

So pretty much, the whole population prediction and this blog entry are entirely unnecessary. Sorry for wasting your time everybody, just wanted to return the favor Yahoo gave me.


  1. Hybrids (such as yourself, you mutt) will take up more than 50% of the pop if anything.

  2. the term minority refers to economic and political power/representation