December 14, 2009

Fraggle Rock!

Ok so designer Dr. Romanelli recently collaborated with whoever the hell owns the rights to Fraggle Rock nowadays (keep in mind that just about everything that was cool from the '80's has changed ownership rights about 10 times each.)  Never heard of Dr. Romanelli?  Don't bother looking him up, most of the stuff he makes is complete garbage and looks like my dog ate a rainbow then threw up on it.

However, the title of this post is "Fraggle Rock" and that's because it really doesn't matter who made it, that's not important right now.  What IS important is that I can now purchase some vinyl collectibles commemorating the 25th anniversary of one of the coolest saturday morning cartoons from my childhood.

Oh and just to further explain Dr. Romanelli's complete lack of any creativity, the official release of the figures is going to be held at the swanky Kitson's in Hollywood (aka Paris Hilton's personal shopping mecca). FAIL.

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