December 12, 2009

America's Forced Scholastics

Anyone between the ages of 30 and 24 right now remembers the Oregon Trail floppy disk game that you were forced to play in elementary school. You all remember being seven years old and sitting in front of that ridiculously ancient looking computer monitor with the floppy disk mount just below the screen, playing the Oregon Trail (usually right after lunch and JUST before the spelling test with words like BUTTER, CHANGE, HANGER and RECORD).

You had to make decisions about how much clothes to buy, how much to feed your children and elder parents etc. Then just about everyone in your covered wagon died of dysentery and you had to ditch grandma's body in the great river in order to make it across.

Yup, we were seven, and America got a kick out of forcing these kind of decisions upon us. No one should ever wonder why Hollywood is full of violence and gore nowadays.

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