November 14, 2009

Keep Yo Hands Off My Pickle!

I've never worked in an office, but I know many of you readers do, and the only thing that keeps people who work in an office from going insane is the interwebs. Chances are you're reading this from your office RIGHT NOW, so I thought I'd help you 9 to 5ers out. Other than 4:59pm, the only other non work related topic that runs through your head all day is 'lunch'.

"Nobody better fucking touch my roast beef sammich." You think to yourself.
"I bet it's Bobby, that's the dick that's been stealing my yogurt." You mutter under your breath.
"Probably Betty, that fat bitch, she ate half my enchiladas." You conspire with yourself.

Well here's the solution. You can thank me later when ur not forced to grab a Jumbo Jack on the way home from work anymore.

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