November 15, 2009


I ahlways wondered if anyone else loved bacon as much as I do. Doesn't anyone else want to make love to bacon? Not that I do, but I'm asking if anyone ELSE does. Ok, ok, I do wish to fornicate with bacon but I've always been reluctant because of the sizzling pops. Those sting the shit out of my stomach and chest, I could only imagine it on my penis. What? you don't fry bacon shirtless? Oh, you mean wait for it to cool down? Nah, it has to be fresh and warm, that's the whole point.

Enjoy some bacon love.

Every guy in the world should know how to take off this bra.

More pictures after the jump.

You've heard of turkey bacon, now bacon turkey.

Bacon flavored envelope adhesive

I want to eat her hands

No need to pack a lunch today, I'll eat my briefcase.

Bet Baskin Robbins doesn't have THIS flavor. 31 wasn't enough!

Chocolate bacon chip cookies

That's some dedication, bacon for life.

I'm not sure this will "protect" your iphone....
since i'll be eating it.

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