October 9, 2009

Scott Campbell is a Criminal

Scott Campbell is a tattoo artist from New York, and a pretty damn good one too. He's also an artist, naturally right? But this time he's gone and crossed the line, defacing government property to showcase his art. Nah, I'm just playing, turns out the stacks of one hundred one dollar bills were do for regular scheduled destruction by the US government. I'd love to be able to say "Yeah, so I'm doing this art show and was wondering if you'd like to donate old outdated money so i can laser etch it with my designs." Sounds like a clever scheme to score free money huh? Or you can always move to California and file for unemployment, good looking out Obama.

So this shit is pretty cool, check out a few of the images below. Too bad Scott Campbell didn't work for Nike though, or his laser etching would be more precise with their state of the art technology they're housing up there in Oregon.

SC's exhibit is titled Always Almost There and will be running til Oct 30th in the greatest city on the face of the earth, London.

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