April 30, 2012

Anti Weight-Loss

About a year ago, I shared an article about body image issues and how prevalent it is today. The general consensus is that skinny equates to beauty. Even though I don't believe or agree with that statement, as a woman within a society of unrealistic expectations, it does reinforce itself with every ad/commercial that I come across. It's almost a conscious effort to disregard the kind of messages that are portrayed in today's media, but it's unavoidable. A friend of mine had posted ads from what looks like post depression era so 50's, maybe even 60's--and they were ads telling women to gain weight. Even though, the message is polar opposite, you can see how it could have created the same body image issues we face today. However, seeing this definitely solidifies that beauty solely lies in the eye of the beholder. Everything else is a pull factor. Anyway, enjoy.

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