August 29, 2011

Read of the Year

A little late (a month of so) but I just wanted to share with you the absolute read of the year. Here is Ghostface Killah's 3rd attempt at a10 Softest Rappers List. Keep in mind that the first editon Aubrey "Drake" Graham taking the one, two and three spots on the list. Aubrey didn't feature much better in the second edition either, taking the top spot.

Ghostface has been one of the realest artists in the game, way back, since most of these listees were still in diapers. So don't even begin to justify this as "hating" and hide behind that shielded word so often used on the interwebs. He's not hating, he's critiquing; and when you earn your stripes, you're allowed to do so.

Finders credit: two of the realest dudes I know: Danny Levin and Branden Lawson.

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