July 26, 2011

America, The Obese: An Exhibition (aka Fairgrounds)

The fair attracts fatties whether or not they're literal (fatties). We missed the SD fair, so we're making up by attending OC fair as often as humanly (rather arterially) possible. We've gone once so far and it was an exciting experience. I especially liked the Ice Museum--15 degrees inside; definitely refreshing on a hot day.

Little Mermaid's Father
Don't think this was done yet

Anyway, onto the more exciting stuff like food. We should've died that day considering all of the stuff we ate. Well more like I should've died cause I have a bit of a cholesterol problem. Anyway, not the point. America, this is why we're fat:
Oh wait, here are the before photos with dirty behinds

And after:

I hear the amberlamps
To give you an idea of the monstrosity 
These guys were pretty delicious, too.

Some random photos:

Everything is bigger at the fair
My sunflower :)
Jesse hated me for this
Wish I could've taken these guys home!
Oh just a giant praying mantis, no big deal.
Overall, it was fun, fattening, and definitely expensive. We seriously could've had a nice steak dinner with the money we spent. For the experience, right? I suppose this post didn't really justify the title....next time, I will bear more proof. 

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