May 10, 2011

Trip to Solvang

Your bloggers have been wanting to drive up to Solvang for awhile now. Why, we have no idea, but we did. This past week we finally got around to it. A getaway from the LA Traffic was our intention but in fact that's pretty much all it was, LA traffic. The entire way there we inched our way down the 101 freeway. A huge fuck you goes out to Los Angeles.

Anyways, tucked away in the northern outskirts of the Santa Ynez Valley is a small Danish alcove. And by small, I mean ridiculously microscopically tiny. Definitely not a place to live when you're in your 20's but a nice quaint village for an older generation.

We really didn't do much there, as there wasn't much to do. The drive there and the idea of "escape" was the main reason for the trip and at least that was achieved, even if only for a night.

Solvang, you are an interesting little pocket of excellent cheese danishes and a plethora of handmade nick-knack shoppes filled with cluttery useless souvenirs.

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