April 23, 2011


Okay guys, here's me nerding out.

On my way to work this morning I was listening to NPR and heard a segment on the PACE program here in San Diego. Mind you, I'm studying Health Admin so anything and everything about America's health system is of my interest. Anyway, I'm really excited to find out more about this program in detail, but in a nutshell, it's to keep our elderly population out of skilled nursing facilities (nursing homes). I worked at a SNF a few years back as a CNA, and let met tell you, if you love your parents enough, you do not want them to end up in a place like that. It's depressing, and it's certainly not ideal to spend the last years of your life in such a state. PACE saves the government money--the money spent on SNFs via MediCal/Medicare is ridiculous, and this program, from what was stated, saves about 13% of that spending.

It's just an innovative way to give the care that the older population needs. I'm definitely for this kind of health outlook especially for the seniors.

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