February 21, 2011

Upcoming Movies

You know, finding a movie to watch in theaters is always an issue for us. That's why we're always on the look out for upcoming movies. Here's a few that have left an impression with their trailers:

Apollo 18
Movies that have to do with outer space intrigues me, and this one is a thriller, so a double plus!

I Saw the Devil
I'm a big fan of Korean Suspense--they pave the story for you in such an intricate way that you're glued to the film from start to finish. The only gripe I have is MAYBE the run time....sometimes it can drag on, but nonetheless, I think the films they produce are exceptionally intelligent.

Unst Unst Unst, house music. Watch the trailer, you'll want to see it, too.

Even the Rain
This one is about the privatization of water in parts of South America. It's really cool that they actually made a film about this. I first learned about it watching The Corporation--click on link to learn more about the difference between publicly owned (majority of the world) and privatized water.

Win Win
Thomas McCarthy (director/writer) is known for Meet the Parents....but he's also known for 2012 haha. So that makes me impartial. I'm a fan of Tambor(Arrested Development, Hangover) and Giammati (American Splendor) though--kind of interested.

Ooohhh so this one hits home--esp with people interacting with strangers online. It's a sad story and I'm sure it happens more often than we think. Clive Owen is pretty cool, too.

Tree of Life
The cinematography (from what I can see) looks amazing. We saw the trailer while watching Biutiful (all the effed up things in the world happened in this movie) and it looks really promising. Doesn't hurt that Brad Pitt and Sean Penn are taking part.

The Time That Remains

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