February 5, 2011

Jennifer Steinkamp's Madame Curie

As mentioned on the previous post, we recently visited Museum of Contemporary Arts SD for Jennifer Steinkamp's "Madame Curie." It was recommended to me by one of the employees while I was visiting their permanent collection across the street. In my opinion, Contemporary lies in extremes--either the piece was done exceptionally well or you're just staring at a pile of trash. The genius and the terrible are often muddled into one room and that's the case for this exhibition along with others in existence. Thoroughly enjoyed Steinkamp's video work, though; my liking was intensified because post rock goodness was playing in mi ear the entire time.

Here are some other notable pieces in addition to the lego:

And the awkward:

Jess and I agreed that the room was reminiscent of Tim and Eric's Awesome Show. Maybe its intention was to be funny? Either way, this was a flop for us.

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