February 14, 2011

Devine Pastabilities

Just another underrated hole-in-the-wall eatery in San Diego. The concept is pretty clever; as you can already tell from the title. You'll have your whole week's worth of carbs in one of these sandwiches, but it's definitely worth it. Pasta in a sandwich--they call it "torpasta," resembling a torpedo, loaded with pasta--I call it brilliant. Anyway, they scoop out the contents of a bread roll and brush the insides with garlic butter and toast it; your choice of pasta goes in there afterwards. The scooped-out contents are made into garlic bread appetizers so nothing goes to waste. Pricing is cheap considering you're having pasta--between $6-$10.

Sweet deal, if you ask me

Doesn't scream out fancy at all, which makes it even cooler

Toasted insides!

I had the macahelper and Jesse had the carbonara (I preferred his over mine; so much that I took a pic of its profile as shown below).

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