December 21, 2010

Lost and Not Found

So driving home from Niederfrank's a line of about 8 cars in front of us suddenly slammed on their breaks. Naturally, at first I was pissed at the abruptness but upon figuring out the reason for the break lights, I wasn't mad at all. More concerned than anything; because this little guy was frightfully attempting to cross a major street, in the pouring rain.

After passing by we made a quick u-turn and coaxed the dog into our car with Sour Peach Rings. (The only food in my car. What's worse being hit by a car or getting worms?) About 4pm in the afternoon, ALL the local animal shelters had already closed so that was no option at all. A nearby mailman informed us that the dog looked similar to one on his route but wasn't certain. This didn't pan out. All out of options we had no choice but to let the dog go again and bid him good luck on his quest to find his owner.

And yes, the little dude WAS wearing a sweater.

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