September 10, 2010

Auschwitz: A Film by Uwe Boll

Notoriously known for making extremely less than bearable films, Uwe Boll has now lent his hand at recreating the holocaust.

"The point that a lot of the critics ignore in their hate articles about me is: that I made the movie because there is not one movie made that shows the holocaust for what it really was: a killing factory. All the movies made showed us the SPECIAL people ....the heroes ..... but nobody focused on the subject matter. this is what I do in my movie and i think in times where 50% of the planet say THERE WAS NO HOLOCAUST - i think it's not so bad to show that AUSCHWITZ happened. best - Uwe"

Since we recently visited the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, I am looking forward to seeing Uwe's attempt at capturing the realism of the subject.

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