June 29, 2010

Only Time Will Tell If He Was Right

Ok, it has been confirmed. Pioneering New York graffiti and hip hop artist Rammellzee has passed on today. Rammellzee was an integral part of the live hip hop movement throughout New York in the late 70's and throughout the 80's. After an illustrious career in music that showcased his extreme individuality and amazing artistic abilities, Rammellzee carved out a niche in the underground art world with what he refered to as Gothic Futurism. His futuristic creations were usually comprised of old recycled toys which he likened the similarities to the shape of letters (a tribute to his graffiti days).

The world truly lacks such amazing personalities as Rammellzee. His unwillingness to be cookie cut for the masses allowed him to explore his wide range of talents and therefore has left us with masterful creations of art, music and intelligence. Thank you Rammellzee.

RIP Rammellzee
??/??/60 - 06/29/10

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