June 5, 2010

6 Days Left: FUCK YOU WORLD!

The world hates Chelsea.

First it was Michael Ballack being maliciously ravaged by the absolute nobody known as Kevin Prince Boateng in the FA Cup final.

Then it was John Obi Mikel who didn't recover quickly enough from a knee injury to appear for Nigeria in the World Cup.

And now, Didier Drogba (one of the greatest players in the game today) will not be displaying his goalscoring abilities this summer because a crying Japanese nobody named Tulio Tanaka sought revenge on Drogba during a friendly match this morning. Drogba had scored a few minutes prior to Tulio's violently intended attack on Drogba's now broken elbow. Reason? Drogba's goal had deflected off of Tulio's body, assisting the ball into the net.

"Jealousy is a motherfucker"

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