April 17, 2010

Oh Hippies, You're So Silly

Just about EVERY documentary is one sided and biased. This quick bit is no exception. Apparently there's a group of hippie bums in Tokyo that are inhabiting a park that Nike purchased to make a skatepark. Before you all boohoo and cry, remember who would frequent these skateparks: the children. So what's better for the city of Tokyo: A.) free rent for these "artist" bums or B.) a place for Tokyo youth to go and be active and build important characteristic traits for the future like the ability to interact socially instead of behind a computer. And remember, Nike paid for the park so the city of Tokyo gets that HUGE chunk of money to try and correct the economic problems that left the hippies homeless to begin with.

Besides, these are REAL homeless people. Look at their clothes, where did they get their art supplies, those tints etc? These people choose to live at this park in particular, they weren't forced, any other park should suffice as well.

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