March 31, 2010

Too Much Good Stuff the AM PM commercials always say.

Consumerism sucks. Not because it tricks the mind into thinking it needs to have luxuries that aren't necessary; but because too much good stuff is released at the same time. Oh well, time to become rich and famous and get one of those coveted black cards.

Dr Marten's worn out 1460
Come already beat up so you don't have to look like a poseur with clean docs. Releasing on April 1st marking their 50th anniversary (1460 = 1-4-60 in European date abbreviation: day/month/year)

Vans Chukka LX x Anaheim Angels
Yeah, Anaheim, not that wack Los Angeles shit. These are limited to 12 pairs and will release April 5th @ Proper in Long Beach (go figure). I guess Long Beach is the neutral middle ground between OC and LA

Polaroid 600 Camera Kit
Complete with one pack of Polaroid 600 film. Resurrected design by Paul Giambarba. Requires NO BATTERIES. But don't get too excited, Polaroid film isn't cheap. Neither is this camera set @$180.

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