March 9, 2010

Stussy XXXth Anniversary

Stussy's been around since your "cool uncle" was in High School. Chances are he wore a Stussy shirt with a silhouette of a rasta guy with dreadlocks on it. Yeah, you know the shirt.

Well 30 years later they're still here.

Stussy has always been a whore when it comes to collaborations, like that chick that went to your high school and slept with the entire football team but never so much as touched you. Granted, they do knock out some pretty bang on collabs every once in a LONG while; the problem is they strike out more than David Ortiz in a hitter's slump.

This time around they swung for the fences though (i need to stop with the baseball references but spring training just started and I'm getting antsy). They're XXXth anniversary lineup looks like a who's who of the industry with the likes of Supreme, Neighborhood, Claw Money and Bounty Hunter.

Here is one must have:
(Let's hope they don't print it on a blank that loses shape after two washes)

Few more images after the jump.

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