March 23, 2010

Live With It, America

In a country that takes tabs every time Paris Hilton takes a shit or Britney Spears goes crazy again it's amazing how badly we overreact to innocent, harmless things.

Today Joe Biden introduced President Barack Obama at the press conference following the signing of the new healthcare reform. After the introduction, Biden embraced President Obama and the microphone accidentally caught Biden stating, "this is a big fucking deal." Obama laughed it off and went on with his speech. However, America is overreacting and making a big fucking deal about it. News flash: Biden is right, this IS a big fucking deal, and the word "fucking" exists for moments like today. Get over it Republicans, you guys had your chance with the country for the past 8 years and look where we are now.

You have to listen closely, mainly because it wasn't that obvious.

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