March 11, 2010

Davey Becks at His Best

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Quick rundown: Manchester United is owned by Americans. These Americans, the Glazer family, also own the Tampa Bay Bucaneers. Manchester United is 700+ million U.S. dollars in debt. Manchester United's loyal fans and supporters are pushing strongly for the Glazer's to sell the team, mainly because they despise the yanks. A group of extremely anti-Glazer fans began sporting the colors of Newton Heath FC this season while attending games. Those colors being green and gold. Newton Heath Football Club was formed in 1878 and would eventually become Manchester United Football Club.

More rundown: David Beckham, quite possibly the most famous footballer to ever exist, used to play for Manchester United. In fact, he had been in the United camp since 1989 when he was 14 years old, playing for their youth program. In 2003, Beckham was sold to Real Madrid for an absurd amount of money, ending his almost 15 year run with the club. Beckham felt betrayed and was extremely distraught over the move.

Now to present time: Beckham, now playing for AC Milan of the Italian League, played against Manchester United last night in the European Champions League (a collection of all the best teams from Europe vying for the title of "best team in Europe"). After AC Milan's defeat in front of United's home crowd, Beckham jogged over to the stands of the loyal United supporters and began clapping. A humble gesture of appreciation and sportsmanship practiced by many footballers around the world. One of the fans, clad in Newton Heath's green and gold, removed his scarf and hurled it onto the field. Beckham bent over, picked it up and wrapped it around his neck. A show of support for their cause? A gesture of sympathy for their current situation? Whatever the reason, David Beckham is a class footballer and a class individual.

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