February 8, 2010

Recession Super Bowl

Every year I host a Super Bowl party.  Mainly because it's a great excuse to get shitfaced but also because it's a time for friends to enjoy each other's company.  And by "enjoy each other's company", i mean charge-taking-celebratory-chest-bumps that may or may not end in tripping over a toddlers plastic tricycle and clearing 10 feet of cement, eventually suffering a concussion inducing meeting between Ken Do's head and a metal framed glass table.

Hosting one of these functions usually means spending loads of loot to feed mouths for 6 hours.  But when you're in a recession, the guest list ends up being trimmed drastically and the food stays reasonable.  Regardless, great friends showed up and everyone grinded on some tacos that you'd swear a Mexican made.

Congrats to the Saints for giving the city of New Orleans the best thing since FEMA trailers.

Now, get ready for a ton of pics that wont make any sense unless you were there.

Recession Super Bowl = Coors Light consumption

Jersey Shore tribute = Jager Bombs

Nice sweaters boys.

BB Busted!

Wasn't enough food. Had to order Papa John's pizza too.

"What's an on sight kick?"
The ladies had a blast too, I had no problems answering their questions.

Homework needed to be done. Even is it was retard health care.
And by "retard health care" i mean there were graphics teaching
you to NOT breast feed from a man's harry nipple or palm a baby's
head like a basketball.

The infamous tricycle responsible for Ken's concussion.

Bryan, who runs the city of Balboa, was able to make it just after halftime.

More shotguns

Chef Michael

Boner looking uhh good for the camera

You mean I have to clean up AND the Colts lost? Great.

Thank you to everyone that came out today: Ken with the carnitas and Kha for helping with the setting up.  Richard Dinh and Lanny came through with the spinach and artichoke dip.  Boner and Rich Jr. coming through with the Monster energy drinks just as the Jager started flowing.  Tui and Cat bringing the bomb mango peach salsa dip.  Calvin coming through in the clutch with the Cool Ranch Doritos. Pam for having a back up MINI Jager bottle in her purse for some reason (:cough: alchy :cough:).  Bryan Bello for speeding on the freeway.  My bro Michael for grilling all day long.  And last but definitely not least, the amazing Sarah Jane for helping out from start to finish every step of the way!

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