February 13, 2010

NBA All-Star Weekend: Steve Nash

The All-Star Game this year has been demoted to joke status. The bench warming Allen Iverson was voted in by "fans" that don't even watch the games anymore. Kobe Bryant and Brandon Roy, along with Iverson, will miss the game due to injury. The Slam Dunk Contest is a complete utter joke and Ray Allen is no where to be found in the Three Point Shootout.

But no one really cares about the game anyways. The weekend is a celebration of the game and its superstars and their personalities. :crickets chirping: I know, I know, a lot of the so-called personalities are mundane and boring. Then there's Shaquille O'neal. Shaq has what real funny people call "fake comedy". He isn't funny, he just thinks he is. Most of his material comes recycled from movies and pop culture, hardly anything is original. And the few bits that are original, leave you scratching your head.

Then comes Steve Nash. Nash is from Canadia (Yes, Canadia, not Canada. Americans are from America, so Canadians are from Canadia.) so he's often hidden from the spotlight. But in a modern world of internet based peer to peer popularity, Steve Nash takes the cake (or whatever the traditional food of Canadia is. Ice?)

Nash with Baron Davis: Step Brothers

Another Vitamin Water commercial, ala Derek Zoolander

Nash tours the Vitamin Water headquarters

He's a pretty good soccer player too AND can skate

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