February 19, 2010

Mardi Gras San Diego 2010

Like any wise man would do, pregame first so you don't spend too much money on dranks...or you can do Always Sunny in Philly style and pour the contents in a soda can.

Mardi Gras was really fun for us, but take into consideration the amount of "entertainment" they had prepared, anyone sober would've considered it boresome. The two parades were entertaining though--it was just a huge game of catch; experts were distinguished by the amount of beads they had. Unlike New Orleans, the whole flashing of boobies was completely taken out of the equation. Although, our group was lucky enough to witness a number of proud ladies who had no problem showing off their baby feeders for a couple of measly beads.

Anyhoo, this is where the party started. Room 112, that's where the players dwell, but adjust accordingly in case the room isn't available.

"This guy" aka Michael, utterly drunk. So drunk that he thought he could make one mask out of three.

The pictures aren't much to show what had taken place--everything was a blur....a happy blur, of course.

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