January 22, 2010

Rainy Week for So. Cal

So for those who aren't familiar, southern CA is being bombarded by some intense rain. Let's face it, we aren't used to driving on slippery roads so everyone still speeds and then the word "hydroplane" suddenly becomes your worst nightmare. Not only that, we have tornado warnings as well....you know, those funnel-shaped winds capable of tearing your house from the ground.

The shaded area is what they refer to as "Tornado Alleys." As you can see, California doesn't have a single speck--really unusual to find a tornado whirling about around here.

Anyway, that's not the point. We had tickets to The Price is Right and made our way to LA. I'm not gonna go into detail how that went, but apparently Jesse and I are not candidate material. Drew Carey was pretty cool though, and skinnier, might I add. Streets of LA was flooded, but we found out that the best way to avoid waiting in line for the famous Pink's hotdogs is to go on a rainy ass day. It's foolproof! But it was a disappointment (cept for the onion rings, yumm) probably due to everyone's incessant raves. I seriously couldn't eat half of my burrito--not when a pool of grease is sitting on top of everything waiting to clog your arteries. No, thanks. Nonetheless, it was great fun with the company.

Pink's staff

Kelli and Frazier

Traffic--from LA to OC, took us nearly 4 hours due to flooding.

Trying to uplift the driver, but after 3 hours, restlessness was impossible to defeat.

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