January 12, 2010

Conan O'Brien Anally Raped

See that face?
That's Conan taking it in the rear from NBC.

Quick recap of the situation:
-Jay Leno wanted to retire back in February 2009
-It was already announced that whenever that happened, Conan would take over the Tonight Show.
-Leno got cold feet but NBC already promised Conan the time slot.
-Fearing Leno would leave to a rival network, NBC offered him a prime time slot (10pm)
-7 months later NBC realized Jay's show was a flop.
-Rather than fire Jay, NBC is planning to bump him up to Conan's 11:35 slot and bumping conan to 12:35

Conan isn't having it. He is on the record saying, "Why have the 'Tonight Show' air tomorrow? (after midnight)"

Congratulations NBC, your company is already a laughing stock. If you go through with this it will inevitably be the demise of your network station. NBC has already limited their "good" programming to Thursday nights (when they air 30 Rock and The Office, together). The rest of the week is a laughing stock, with horribly failed programming that they just can't let go of for some reason: Heroes, SNL (wayyyy past it's prime) etc.

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