January 22, 2010

Little Italy

If you haven't been to San Diego's Little Italy, you should plan on going sometime soon, preferably on a Sunday (metered parking--free on Sundays). Jesse and I visited our good ol' friend, Sky, who manages Caffe Italia. They have THEE best waffles, and whaddya know, they only serve em on Sundays! Jesse got The Apple Waffle, and I got The Low Fat Granola Waffle. There's a whole strip of great eateries in the area, so feel free to explore.

That's Sky and our coffees (there are hearts on them, aww)

The Apple Waffle

The Low Fat Granola Waffle (Yeah, Jesse and I couldn't resist, so we took a bite before we took the pictures)

We then headed to the Princess Pub, right across the street from Caffe Italia and watched the Chargers get their ass kicked. It was so hard to watch that we left the bar during the 3rd quarter and decided to watch Avatar. During the game, Jesse tried Fuller's Vintage Ale which was probably a seasonal beer at the pub since they only get them around Christmas time.

If you end up going, there's a lady across the street in Spandex who dances her arse off, quite a sight while you enjoy your waffles. You won't regret it.

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