November 11, 2009

Warm Up Your Xmas Insides

Christmas time forces everyone to bring out the smiles and merry cheer, whether you want to or not. You're forced to laugh at the same lame jokes, pretend you care about a relatives misfortunes and interact (sometimes for hours on end) with people you would never even greet in line at the grocery store if it wasn't for the fact that somewhere on some family tree, it says you're related. Naturally, a quick assistant to dealing with these situations is located in every liquor store, supermarket and pub in town. Our good friend Alcohol. Now Al isn't easily accepted in a large number of homes, so some genius out there (or wine-o) developed this Christmas tree ornament/flask to help you conceal your beverage of choice.

If the Christmas get together is at your house then sprinkle a few of these around your tree and invite your closest friends to join; A couple Johnny Walkers, Captain Morgan and Jack Daniels will all be present this year. And, in the unfortunate event that the party is NOT at your house, then simply bring a handful over as a gift. Place them on the tree and return to "check on your gift" every few minutes as needed. You can all thank me December 26th

Available @ the overpriced assholes Urban Outfitters

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