November 21, 2009

The French Are Crazy

Not too long ago, I watched Man On Wire, a documentary about Philippe Petit, a french wire artist who became famous for walking on a cable between the Twin Towers in the early 70's. The documentary is a bit slow overall, but you really can't help but admire what the man has done. I've never even seen the WTC when it stood tall in NY and this guy high-wire walked right in between them. It's fairly recent so in a way, it's sort of homage to the WTC.

Anyway, one day at the park, just lounging, Jesse and I witness these two ladies attempting to rope-walk. Clearly they were amateurs, but you can tell their ability to balance is far beyond average compared to you or myself. It was pretty cool to watch given that it's not something you see all too often, but an odd hobby, I must say.

Here's the trailer for Le Documentaire if you care to watch.

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